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    Subsea / Underwater / Power / Hybrid Cables

    Hydro Group plc design and manufacture a full range of subsea underwater hybrid electrical / optical cables. Cable types include power cables for topside, underwater, high voltage, underwater communication cables, TV and video, strain bearing, teather and umbilicals.

    Hydro Group plc holds the certification approval to ISO 9001:2008 to design and manufacture subsea hybrid electrical optical cables, specialist underwater and harsh environment electrical and optical composite cables, tethers and umbilicals.

    We offer
    : • Power Cables Underwater • High Voltage Cables • Composite Underwater Communication Cable • Underwater TV and Video Cables • Strain Bearing Cables • Composite Optical / Electrical Cables • Tethers • Umbilicals • Neutrally Buoyant, Positively Buoyant or Negatively Buoyant Cables and Tethers • Polyurethane or Polyethylene jacketed cables • Specialist Design Service.

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