Hydro Group plc. Subsea Cables, Connectors, Penetrators, Glands, Terminations & Moulds

  • Breakout Moulds
  • Strain Terminations
  • Pressure Hull Glands and Outboard Systems
  • Electrical Penetrators Manned and Unmanned Systems
  • Hose Bundles, Cable Strength Member Bundles
  • Composite Cables
  • Steel Wire Armoured Cables
  • Surface Mateable Hybrid Coaxial Electrical Connectors (Metal Keyed)
  • Surface Mateable Coaxial Connectors (Metal and Rubber Keyed)
  • Surface Mateable High Density Electrical Connectors (Metal Keyed)
  • Fibre Optic Connectors and Penetrators
  • Environmental Electrical Connectors
  • Eexd, Eexde Explosion Proof Connectors (Underwater Mateable)
  • Underwater Mateable Electrical Connectors (Rubber Keyed)
  • Underwater Mateable Electrical Connectors (Metal Keyed)
  • 36kV Renewable Connector
  • PDH Power Distribution Hub
  • Hydro Cable Overview
  • Hydro Bond Overview
  • Hydro Group Overview
  • Hydro Bond Field Services
  • Hydro Bond Electrical Testing Services
  • Hydro Bond Optical Testing Services
  • Hydro Bond Pressure Testing Services
  • Hydro Bond Engineering Servicess


Hydro Group plc.


Hydro Group plc comprises Hydro Bond Engineering Ltd and Hydro Cable Systems Ltd. Building on three decades of proven capability and industry experience, Hydro Group has become the market leader in providing bespoke engineered cable/connector assembly solutions for subsea applications in both domestic and international markets. Hydro Group are at the forefront in the development and innovation of subsea product technologies, with involvement from prototype concept through to design, manufacture and project management. Hydro Group manufacture the complete package including FAT at its state-of-the-art facilities in Aberdeen, Scotland; umbilical cables, electrical and optical connection systems / assemblies for data, power and signal transmission.

Today, Hydro Group employs approximately one hundred full time staff covering product design, research and development, testing and certification, product manufacturing, health and safety, sales and marketing and business management. The company operates on a global platform providing total solutions to a portfolio of prime contractors, major operators, OEM's, defence agencies, defence organisations and the UK MOD. Hydro Group primarily works with the Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Defence and Aerospace Industry.

Our focus is primarily in subsea cable / connector assembly innovation. Our day to day business concentrates on product design, engineering and manufacturing of harsh environment composite cables, underwater connectors, topside connectors and penetrators for subsea, underwater, topside and onshore applications.

Hydro Bond Engineering: Hydro Bond Engineering Ltd was formed in 1982 by a team of experienced and qualified engineers with one objective and mission, to design innovative and unique underwater electrical and optical connectors, connector-cable assemblies and penetrators for the subsea oil & gas industry. Hydro Bond Engineering is now a major national and international supplier of harsh environment engineered connectors, cable-connector assemblies, glands, terminations and penetrators to the oil and gas, renewable energy and defence industry. Click to read more.

Hydro Cable Systems: Hydro Cable Systems designs and manufactures a range of electrical, optical and hybrid cables suitable for use underwater and in harsh subsea environments. Our extensive knowledge of materials and applications engineering combine to manufacture high quality and reliable products, ideally suited for their environment. High grade materials such as polyurethane and polyethylene are used during manufacture to produce cables with superior abrasion resistance, strength, flexibility and reliability. Click to read more.

Hydro Group Asia Pte Ltd: Hydro Group Asia in close collaboration with its customers, provides custom designed solutions of Subsea Cables, Connectors, Penetrators and Terminations for the Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Defence, ROV, Seismic, R&D and Educational markets. Click to read more.

Group News: Aberdeen based, Hydro Group plc, a global designer and manufacturer of underwater cables and connectors for subsea, underwater, topside and onshore applications, unveiled new machinery and subsea cabling capabilities at the Subsea Expo in Aberdeen earlier this month. Click here to read more.

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Certification: Hydro Group plc holds the certification approval to ISO 9001:2008 to design and manufacture subsea electrical and optical connectors, electrical pressure hull penetrators, associated subsea electrical cable terminations, installation of electrical and optical connectors, specialist underwater and harsh environment electrical and optical composite cables, tethers and umbilicals.

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