OIL & GAS INDUSTRY: AUV: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle: Optical and Electrical Connection System / HDM Connector Range (Coaxial / Electrical / Optical)

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    AUV: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

    The oil and gas industry use AUV's (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) to make detailed maps of the seafloor before they start building subsea infrastructure; pipelines and sub sea completions can be installed in the most cost effective manner with minimum disruption to the environment. The AUV allows survey companies to conduct precise surveys or areas where traditional bathymetric surveys would be less effective or too costly.


    Hydro Group are at the forefront of AUV & UUV technology for which we offer custom design solutions including: fibre optic cable, fibre link penetrators, proximity switch, variety of optical and electrical cables and fibre optic connectors.

    AUV: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle: Optical and Electrical Connection System / HDM Connector range (coaxial / electrical / optical)

    Hydro Bond Engineering Ltd design and manufacture the industry acclaimed HDM connector series. The HDM series has standard configurations with high density electrical paths for ROV (remoted operated vehicles), AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) and UUV (unmanned undersea vehicles). Applications include communication module applications, 4 pin high voltage/ high current for hydraulic power unit (HPU) applications, optical fibre (fiber) paths for communication of video, coaxial paths for video or a combination of all the above. Rated to 3,450 MSW as standard and 6,000 MSW option to meet most ocean floor applications.

    Hydro Bond Engineering HDM series electrical connectors are marine renewable industry proven and we have developed shell sizes and pin configuration up to 11.1 kV at 320 amps current rating. Partial discharge technology is also used in our termination process to assure continuity and insulation resistance of the connection in long life subsea applications.

    Our in house engineered and developed optical technology is at the forefront of harsh environment requirements.Our products have been extensively tested both internally and externally and are field proven on major local, national and international projects.

    Our optical Engineers and Technicians are fully trained and certified on our equipment by City & Guilds (optical fibre installation and testing singlemode fibre course).

    • Optical and Electrical / Optical Hybrid connectors are designed and manufactured using our acclaimed HDM connector range
    • Multimode 62.5/125 and 50/125 versions for use at 850 nm to 1300 nm available with typically £ 0.5 dB insertion loss per mated optical path
    • Singlemode 8/125 versions for use at1310 nm to 1550 nm are available with typically £ 0.5 dB insertion loss per mated optical path and £ - 30 dB return loss. Use at wavelengths between 1285 nm and 1565 nm can also be accommodated on request
    • Singlemode connectors are compatible with standard single mode fibre, Fatigue resistant fibre and non-zero dispersion shifted fibre
    • Bulkhead and other fibre optical tails used are tested to ITU-T and IEC-793-1 and our single mode optical tails are manufactured as per G.652
    • Panel mount and bulkhead mount connectors come with 1 metre optical tails terminated with ST connectors as standard and FC/PC and FC/APC on request
    • Connectors are available in 5 different shell sizes with standard and reverse gender options available as standard
    • Optical and electrical path combinations are available from 1 to 38 paths Termination options are standard optical, optical electrical, strain terminated to Kevlar or wire armour, oil filled and field installable
    • All connectors use our in-house purpose designed self aligning optical ferrule and coupling technology.


    • Our fully blocked penetrators are available in both singlemode and multimode
    with all optical or optical electrical combinations
    • A wide variety of metal body mounting options are available including NPT,
    UNF, Flanged, Smooth bore and other options on request
    • 1 mete Inboard tails are terminated with ST connectors as standard and FC/PC
    and FC/APC on request
    • Outboard connection can be to customer defined cable length with polyurethane
    or polyethylene moulding, customer specified hose for oil filled applications or
    complete assemblies with penetrators at both ends or penetrator / connectors
    • Our penetrators have been pressure tested at up to 10,000 psi.

    • High Integrity field proven design
    • Connectors and penetrator samples have been shock tested for military and
    high vibration applications
    • Full pressure blocked penetrator design assures leak tight system
    • Non expanded beam inserts ensure optimum system design with low losses
    allows you to use your optical budget to the maximum
    • Wide range of insert options allows for ease of system design
    • Wide variety of metal component materials allows for non-magnetic and
    corrosion resistant designs
    • Ease of connection.

    FIBRE LINK DEEP FIELD PENETRATOR: can operate at 3000 MSW (310 Bar). The design and construction of the optical fibre penetrators can be limited due to the cable design and construction. The Hydro Fibre Link deep field penetrator is most suitable for sea bed ploughs, ROV, MUX systems and deep sea platforms.