DEFENCE INDUSTRY: Active Towed Sonar: Cable, Connector Assembly

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    Active Towed Sonar: Cable, Connector Assembly Design & Manufacture

    Hydro Group towed sonar wet mateable cable, connector assemblies are designed and manufactured in-house by our team of experienced engineers at our manufacturing HQ in Aberdeen. The team includes Electrical, Mechanical, Optical and Production Engineers.

    A towed sonar is a sonar array that is towed behind a submarine (Submarine Towed Sonar Array) or surface ship. It's basically a long cable, up to about 6 km in length with an array of hydrophones that is trailed behind the ship when deployed. This allows for the sensitive sensors to distance themselves from (own-ships-noise) sources greatly improving (signal-to-noise ratio).

    Hydro Group offer the custom design of cable, connector assemblies for all towed sonar systems. Hydro Group can also design and manufacture a completely new towed sonar cable connection assembly or adapt an existing assembly to suit your unique application.