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hydro group


  • Doug Whyte

    Local Hero International Pioneer ...

    • At the Corporate Level we ensure QHSE performance ... deliver product and service excellence ... develop our people ... shape innovation ... and exceed expectation at all levels.

    Our Strategy ...

    • Develop our position in the Asia Pacific region.

    • Design and develop new products to meet emerging customer needs in a robust Sub-Sea market.

    • Strategic Internal investment to boost business development for the future.

    Doug Whyte: Managing Director

  • Mark Hendry

    Our Values ...

    • Striving for excellence and continuous improvement through a can do - will do approach.

    Mark Hendry: Technical Director

  • Gary Caunt

    Our Objectives ...

    • We always seek best practice to upgrade our methods, skills and equipment.

    • Our objective is profitable growth with robust control of product quality and customer service.

    • We will enhance our future capability in line with changing customer requirements.

    • We are working with our suppliers to build strong and mutually beneficial partnerships and are seeking membership of SC21.

    Gary Caunt: Production Director

  • Irene Buxton

    Our People ...

    • At Hydro Group you are a name not a number, so the emphasis on training & development is to help Staff to reach agreement on the best use of their skills, knowledge and experience, to achieve individual aspirations, from which they will benefit and the company will realise its business aims and objectives. It really is a WIN – WIN situation!

    Irene Buxton: Human Resources Director

  • Elaine Blair

    Our Stakeholders ...

    • We maintain positive relationships with customers and suppliers, working together to achieve common goals and objectives and share the reward of success.

    Elaine Blair: Finance Director

  • Graham Wilkie

    Our Service ...

    • We aim to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction, so that Hydro Group becomes the first company of choice as a partner. We will do this by strengthening our relationships with customers to provide consistent and reliable service.

    Graham Wilkie: Sales Director


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