Subsea Underwater Terminations

  • subsea underwater terminations

    Subsea Underwater Terminations

    Hydro Group plc designs and manufactures Subsea Underwater Terminations, Strain Terminations to client specifications. Our proven engineering expertise means that we can design Subsea Underwater Terminations, Strain Terminations for any underwater application. Hydro Bond Engineering specialise in the design and manufacture of umbilical terminations. This termination work can be carried out at our facility in Aberdeen or at any desired site whether it be on shore or off shore.

    Our designs range from fairly simple multi core cables to complex umbilicals containing many cable bundles together with strain and armour members. Each element of a cable is dealt with on an individual basis, e.g. central strain member; conductors; inner sheaths; armour braiding and finally the outer sheath. Water blocking inserts can be incorporated into the design to prevent water from spreading from one cable to another, should one or more fly leads be accidentally severed.

    A hot curing Polyurethane rubber is moulded around the completed termination. This particular rubber has excellent water and oil resistant properties and is ten times more resistant to water than polyester based urethanes. All cables and metal parts are cleaned and treated with primers to ensure proper chemical bonding of the urethane moulding. We can bond to most conventional cable sheath material I.e. neoprene, hytrel, polyurethane, hyplaon etc.

    Hydro Bond also specialise in polyethylene mouldings for over moulding polyethylene sheathed cables. When composite cables are used, e.g. polyethylene inner and polyurethane outer, a dual moulding process is used i.e. polyethylene inner moulding with urethane outer moulding. Various types of strain member can be terminated; Kevlar and steel wire, central members and steel wire armours. In each case the terminated strength is at least 80% of full load breaking strength.