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  • Hydro Group plc / OSEA-2012 (Marina Bay Sands, Singapore)

  • Hydro Group plc / £1m Hydro funding boost click pic to view

    Hydro Group plc will be exhibiting at the 'OSEA2012' Oil & Gas Industry Exhibition and Conference in Singapore on 27th to 30th November 2012. The event earmarks the 19th Oil & Gas conference and exhibition in Singapore.

    OSEA is the Asian Oil & Gas event where industry professionals gather once every two years. The 19th edition will take place at a new venue in downtown Singapore at The Marina Bay Sands.

    With an impressive display of oil & gas exploration and production innovations, OSEA is an ideal platform to meet new customers and partners. Buyers come from across Asia and beyond to source for new and improved equipment, products and applications.

    With the positive industry growth in the non-OECD Asian region, OSEA2012 is the key industry event to explore new leads, reinforce market presence and gain intelligence.

    Hydro Group plc will be exhibiting their latest product innovations on stand number 1H5-09.

  • Hydro Group plc / Underwater Defence Technology (UDT in Spain)

  • Hydro Group plc / £1m Hydro funding boost click pic to view

    Hydro Group plc exhibited at the 'Underwater Defence Technology' conference in Alicante, Spain on 29th to 31st May 2012. The 2012 event, earmarked the 25th annual conference and exhibition for the global undersea defence and security community.

    The UDT Undersea Defence Technology Conference brought together scientists and engineers engaged in research and development from all over the world. The event exploiting innovation and engineering expertise to meet the future challenges and security requirements posed by the underwater environment. The concept proved highly successful and provided an excellent platform for engineers and operators from different countries to exchange ideas and their experiences.

    The keynote speeches, papers, technology on display and above all, the business networking were all designed to enhance the experience, knowledge and vision of everyone who participated.

    Hydro Group plc welcomed many new enquiries from various companies, making the event productive in many ways.

    Hydro Group Sales Director Graham Wilkie commented: “UDT 2012 provided an excellent platform for Hydro Group plc to exhibit specialist cable and interconnect solutions for defence applications. This was an ideal opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to domestic and international visitors. For Hydro Group plc, it was a great opportunity to make face to face contact with customers and new prospects.

  • Hydro Group plc / 1Million Hydro funding boost

  • Hydro Group plc / £1m Hydro funding boost Hydro Group plc / £1m Hydro funding boost click pic to view

    Aberdeen-based Hydro Group, a designer and manufacturer of underwater cables and connectors for global subsea, topside and onshore applications, has been awarded £1million in financial support from the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency (REA).

    The company predicts a 20% increase in turnover in the next five years as a result winning this funding.

    The funding, which has been granted under the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), will support the research, development and production of a new 33kV hybrid wet-mate subsea connector for the offshore renewable energy industry.

    Hydro Group managing director Doug Whyte said: “As subsea technology has evolved connections are made at much greater depths under significant hydrostatic pressure. They are expected to engage and disengage underwater and to operate reliably but currently they are restricted to a maximum power rating of 11kV."

    The new Hydro Group 33kV connector will be ROV installable and is fitted with a built-in precision remote monitoring system that enables communication back to land requiring less intervention by divers. The connector will provide efficient power transmission and allow for reduced installation and maintenance costs.

    The new design will increase system longevity and ultimately benefit health and safety whilst reducing costs for operators.

    Mr. Whyte continued: “Funding through FP7 is awarded to SME’s working on innovative projects by collaborating with companies with complimentary expertise and knowledge."

    Hydro Group, an energy-service firm made up of Hydro Bond Engineering and Hydro Cable Systems Ltd, is a major national and international supplier of harsh environment engineered products to the offshore oil and gas, defence, oceanographic, renewable energies, diving and ROV/AUV markets.

  • Hydro Group plc / All-Energy 2012

  • Hydro Group plc / All-Energy 2012 Hydro Group plc / All-Energy 2012 click pic to view

    Hydro Group plc exhibited at the All-Energy exhibition and conference in Aberdeen, from 23rd to 24th May 2012.

    The two-day event, which attracted more than 8,000 visitors was the perfect event to showcase the expertise of Hydro Group plc, and in particular its design and innovation of subsea power cables and connectors for the offshore renewable energy industry.

    Sales Director Graham Wilkie (featured left) and Business Development Coordinator Valentina Colon welcomed visitors from all corners of the globe; including Australia, Japan and Korea.

    Hydro Group Sales Director Graham Wilkie said: “For Hydro Group plc, the two-day event was the perfect arena to display our expertise and key products, it also provided us with media coverage locally and internationally."

    Business Development Coordinator Valentina Colon commented: “As subsea technology evolves, it's of vital importanace that Hydro Group plc is seen and recognised as a major player in the design, manufacture and supply of subsea cables, connectors and penetrators."