DEFENCE INDUSTRY: Mine Countermeasure Systems, Cables and Connectors

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    Mine Countermeasure Systems, Cables and Connectors

    Various Military, Defence Industry vessels use a remotely operated mine disposal system and remotely operated vehicle mine neutralization system. The mine countermeasure system detects, locates, classifies, and neutralizes moored mines and mines resting on the seabed using high-frequency, high-resolution sonar, low light level television, cable cutters, and explosive charges to detect and dispose of mines, while remaining tethered to the vessel by a cable and under control of the vessel.

    Hydro Group design and manufacture all associated underwater cables, connectors, tether cables for mine countermeasure systems. Vessel to mine countermeasure tethering cables can be as long as 1,500 metres in length and used for complete communication and control of the mine detection / destruction operation. The total services provided by the tether are power, CCTV, signal, & communications via optical, coaxial, or twisted pair conductors.