OIL & GAS INDUSTRY: Life of Field Seismic Array, Optical and Electrical Connection Assemblies

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    Life of Field Seismic Array: Optical and Electrical Connection Assemblies

    In general terms, a Life of Field Seismic system will help understand reservoir depletion and ensure that future production wells are drilled where there is still oil. In support of this monitoring system, Hydro Group design and manufacture optical, electrical cables and connection assemblies, connectors for for Life of Field Seismic systems.

    Hydro Group is in a position to offer a custom cable/connector design solution to any Life of Field Seismic system. Hydro Group can design a completely new product or adapt an existing proven product to suit your specific application.

    Hydro Group have delivered Life of Field (cable and connector assemblies) to some of the world’s most demanding fields, from harsh subsea environments to deep sea.

    Hydro Group connector and cable assemblies are designed in-house by our team of experienced Engineers. The team includes Electrical, Mechanical, Optical, Production Engineers and 3D CAD Specialists.