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    Hydro Group Asia Pte Ltd

    Hydro Group Asia was incorporated in October 2012 by Hydro Group plc, an established global company with more than 30 years experience in the underwater subsea technology market; engaged in design, manufacture, supply and repair of Subsea Cables, Connectors, Penetrators and Terminations. Hydro Group Asia Pte Ltd is owned by Hydro Group plc (with its Headquarters based in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK).

  • OUR MISSION: Participate in making subsea distribution of power and signals reliable and safe in all conditions including hazardous and deep water.

    OUR VISION: Our vision is to become a total service provider of infrastructure for subsea signal and power distribution systems, servicing: Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Defence, ROV, Seismic, R&D and Educational markets.

    OUR VALUES: We are committed to delivering the right product and service on-time and on-budget with the correct specified and quality.

  • Hydro Group Asia: Products, Design and Supply

    Hydro Group Asia: Products, Design and Supply

    Hydro Group Asia in close collaboration with its customers, provides custom designed solutions of Subsea Cables, Connectors, Penetrators and Terminations for the Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Defence, ROV, Seismic, R&D and Educational markets.

    Hydro Group Asia have in-house production of PUR moulds on cables/connectors. We produce custom designed cable systems for different applications including:

    ROV cables
    Diver umbilical & integrated control terminations
    Subsea Wellheads and Manifolds
    Bottom Seismic Applications
    Cable systems for air gun arrays, lead inns, air gun cable terminations
    Jumpers (Oil Filled Pressure Compensated Jumpers and Cables)

  • Hydro Group Asia: Stock Products, Ready to Ship

    Hydro Group Asia: Stock Products, Ready to Ship

    In our modern stock facilities we have a large stock of electrical connectors, penetrators, boot seals and other components ready-to-ship to our customers including:

    Penetrators in fiber or copper allowing cable assemblies to penetrate bulkhead housing without the use of connectors
    Connectors for a wide range of applications such as dry mate, high pressure, wet mate by diver/ROV, glass seal bulkheads, simple rubber connectors for diver communications. Connectors for long lifetime use (>25 years) or connectors for use on ROVs where you have a constant variation of depth when the ROV is launched/retrieved.
    Connectors for subsea and in-air applications: cameras (rugged pans, tilts and rotators) and lights.
    Silicone grease and aqua shield
    Zink Anode tear-drop used on ROVs and manipulator arms
    Repair kits for polyurethane cables (150g and 250g)

    We can also supply:
    Glass sealed penetrators used to prevent oil or gas on a high pressure well to penetrate through a sensor out to the environment. It allows higher temperatures or extremely high pressures (up to 1500-2000bar)
    Slip rings: Slip rings for fiber (SM and MM), electrical signals and power. Single and multi-rings. The slip rings can be dry or filled with oil and compensated for subsea use
    Launch and recovery systems, winches and pressure vessels.
    Subsea cameras, lights and pan & Tilt units
    Different subsea add-ons like Fibre optic Gyros (FOG), Multiplexers, Luminance detectors (sniffers), underwater displays, underwater battery packs, altimeters and inclinometers etc.

  • Hydro Group Asia: Subsea Services

    Hydro Group Asia: Subsea Services

    Hydro Group Asia has further strengthening its competence within four key areas;
    Electrical & signal
    Fiber optics
    High voltage

    Maintenance & Repairs

    Hydro Group Asia perform maintenance & repairs, on-site or in our facilities in Singapore including;

    Umbilical cables with or without fibres
    Replacement of electrical parts X-trees
    Refurbishing of cables

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    Skilled Technicians:
    Hydro Bond Engineering in-house assembly technicians have been accredited the following standards;
    · IPC-J-STD-001 qualified soldering instructor
    · City & Guilds 3667 fibre optic cabling qualification

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