DEFENCE INDUSTRY: Flank Array Sonar, Cables, Connectors, Assemblies

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    Flank Array Sonar: Cables, Connectors, Assemblies

    Hydro Group design and manufacture cable, connector assemblies for submarine flank array sonar systems. The flak array sonar is positioned on the flank of the submarine, providing data in the low-frequency spectrum for detection and other functions and is designed as a long-range noise sensor.

    Custom design solutions can also be undertaken, Hydro Group can design and manufacture unique cable/connector configurations for all flank array sonar systems. For special applications, we can also design a completely new cable and connectivity assembly or adapt an existing or proven product to suit your unique application.

    Hydro Group have an experienced team of highly qualified in-house electrical, mechanical, optical and production engineers with a combined industry experience of over 150 years.