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    "Hydro Group plc is totally committed to developing its Staff, enabling them to achieve their maximum potential"

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    A career at Hydro Group plc is an opportunity to work for a major design and manufacturer of subsea cables and connectors. Hydro Group plc operates on a global platform providing total solutions to a portfolio of prime contractors, major operators, OEM's, defence agencies, defence organisations and the UK MOD. It's contributing to a team that values diversity, professional development and integrity in our people. It has an established reputation and profile throughout the world.

    Hydro Group are committed to providing exciting, challenging, and innovative work opportunities, backed by a people strategy that recognises partnership between employees, business strategy and customer relationships.

    We hope that our 'people strategy' energises our employees. Our employees demonstrate their commitment to the company through their hard work and in return, are supported in their efforts.

    Why Work with Hydro Group?

    · Our positions are permanent, not seasonal or short-term contract

    · We seriously don't age-discriminate

    · Our apprentices are aged between 17 and 44 years

    · Apprenticeships don't just apply to mechanical or machining jobs

    · We have staff training in Accounts, Engineering, Machining, Maintenance, Technical and Sales

    · Our young staff receive fully paid day release courses at College

    · Our mature staff receive fully paid night classes at College or distance learning

    Our Commitment

    · We have been in business since 1982 (30 + years) and have staff with the same length of service

    · We all use our Christian names

    · Our culture is truly equal and concentrates on respect and professionalism

    · Staff are from Scotland, England, Wales, Poland, Venezuela, France and Singapore

    · Our Staff are involved at all levels in the Business

    · We actively encourage learning and development at all levels - even for Directors

    · We help each other and don't believe in "that's not my job"

    What we want from you

    · Respect for others

    · Commitment

    · Loyalty

    · Enthusiasm

    · Initiative and team working

    · Curiosity

    · Thirst for knowledge

    · Pride in one's work

    · Ability to join in

    · Ability to enjoy working with us back to top


  • 30 plus years in business

    Hydro Group have been in business for 30 + years and have staff with the same length of service.

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  • team spirit

    Team spirit and atmosphere ...

    " I had never done technical work of this kind before but I received full on-the-job training and being part of a close team helped me learn quicker. I can’t stress enough what a great team and atmosphere there is here at Hydro Group and I am hoping to carry on working after I hit 65."


    Jim MacDonald: Technical Team

  • Gary Caunt

    Unleash your passion ...

    " It’s vital to keep people engaged and to align their passions with opportunities. When people are passionate about something, they not only want to do it…they have to do it. Hydro Group never miss the chance to align passion and purpose."


    Gary Caunt: Production Director

  • Irene Buxton

    Committed to our people ...

    " Our employees are our key assets and Hydro Group is committed to our people with career development, through in-house training and national qualifications. We have always invested in our people and have built a strong team of diligent professionals committed to success."

    Irene Buxton: Human Resources Director

  • retirement

    ..... the default retirement age (formerly 65) has been phased out - most people can now work for as long as they can.

    Mature Approach to Retirement

    Retirement doesn't always have to signal the end of professional life and recent research has indicated many workers are redefining it as a way to switch gears on the career front as opposed to grinding to a halt.

    A survey conducted by HSBC on the future of ageing revealed more than 60 per cent of people wanted to work in some way after they "retired" and that many were hoping to work part-time but found most employers were less accommodating to part time or more 'mature' workers.

    Hydro Group plc had an encouraging attitude towards a more mature generation of workers much earlier than legislated by the Government in Age Discrimination laws. As well as operating a highly-effective graduate and apprentice scheme, Hydro Group also have in place flexible working solutions to accommodate a team which includes five workers over the age of 60, two of whom are older than 65. back to top

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    Due to international growth we need to increase our staffing levels and welcome applications from ambitious candidates to share in our success. Continued personal and professional development will be supported throughout your working life at Hydro Group, where you'll be a name and not a number!

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